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Rhonda Johnson, Lisa Kent & Rachel Tetreault featured on The CPG Guys Podcast

The CPG Guys are joined in this episode by our very own Rhonda Johnson, Lisa Kent & Rachel Tetreault to answer these questions:

  1. What areas of the CPG & retail industry are you focused on? Are you primarily digital or omnichannel?

  2. What is the importance of retail media advertising in this cookieless world and how does MPG enable that for your clients? What are the trends you see in omnichannel that we should be preparing to address?

  3. What is a digital first mentality, and is MPG living this statement in its commitments and partnerships?

  4. How should organizations structure for digital leadership? Are there best in class models you have helped orchestrate?

  5. Who is a modern commercial leader in CPG and retail? What skill sets matter and how does one skill up when not ready? Rhonda provides thoughts.

  6. What does this "great resignation" mean? Is it real? And what can an organization do to keep its people? Lisa talks about the ongoing talent drain and how you’re responding to it.

  7. What is the importance of driving change in the digital world? What do each of you individually do to drive this?

  8. What is new and exciting at the Market Performance Group/MPG? What should we expect next in this exciting omnichannel / digital space?

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