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Collective experience spans many industries

The MPG team has deep real-world experience at the senior-most levels within these industries, with professionals who have proven their ability to succeed.

Health and Wellness

The market for consumer health care products is exploding as the health care system places more responsibility on American families to manage their own health.

New tools and resources available to consumers are reshaping attitudes on self-care, treatment paradigms, and the consumer’s path to purchase in managing their health care needs. Even the FDA is encouraging greater self-care by making more medicines available over the counter, and this trend has been and will continue to be a significant driver of industry growth. MPG is working with clients across the health and wellness landscape to respond to and anticipate these megatrends. With a watchful eye on the consumer and the rapidly evolving retail landscape, MPG is engaging with consumer health clients to transform their business models to better align to current and future needs, optimize and expand their health care portfolios, and lead the retail conversation to achieve market-leading growth.

Beauty and Personal Care

No longer limited to the cluttered cosmetics counter and focused on young female shoppers, beauty and personal care products today have crossed into nearly every aisle and appeal to every demographic.


Women and men of every age, ethnicity, and pocketbook are seeking to look better and feel better. The very definition of beauty has expanded and today, it readily blurs the line with health and wellness as consumers strive to live better. They know that the sooner they start to really care for their skin, the better they’ll look long term. From the fashion-forward to anti-aging, from high-tech beauty experiences to natural and organic, MPG has partnered with leading brands and innovative start-ups to uncover unique insights, create innovative strategies, and capitalize on the growing potential of the ever-expanding beauty and personal care categories.

Food and Beverages

Today’s food industry epitomizes transformation. Consumers demand the very challenging mix of simpler ingredients, healthier choices, faster-to-prepare tasty meals, and tremendous value.


Multicultural, generational, economic, and technological influences are creating a whole new world of shopping behavior. Together, these forces place incredible pressure on the growth of today’s Food retailers – and their manufacturer suppliers. MPG helps our partners anticipate and develop the right top-and bottom-line growth platforms for tomorrow’s households in so many ways – leveraging innovation with best-practice new product launch execution, managing down operating expenses with process and structure optimization, as well as smarter trade investment, and going to market with differentiated and more compelling value propositions to better engage and delight today’s savvy food shopper.

Retail and Wholesale

As retail consolidation continues and digital shopping explodes, the traditional definitions of retail and trade channels have significantly converged.


The path to purchase has never been more varied as shopping has become an anywhere, anytime activity that can meander casually from local to social to mobile or be accomplished with astonishing efficiency through the simple push of a reorder button. In this environment of whirlwind changes, retailers and wholesalers are looking for ways to increase their proximity to the consumer, while providing the omni-channel experience that is now expected. This is where MPG excels, with experienced leaders from the executive suites of leading retailers and wholesalers to drive forward-thinking strategies. Whether developing a new replenishment management system, optimizing operating procedures with best-practice principles, redesigning organizational structures for enhanced performance, or envisioning an entirely new omni-channel strategy, MPG brings industry-leading strategic thinking, disciplined analytical and process design methodologies, and a strong P&L orientation that is deeply engrained from years as front-line leaders.

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