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Market Performance Group (MPG) is an innovative company that specializes in helping manufacturers and retailers define a better path forward to accelerate growth and profitability. For 20 years, the company has developed an extensive track record of driving success for clients by leading them from market strategy to in-market reality.

Regardless of client size or project scope, the hallmarks of an MPG engagement are client intimacy and an unwavering focus on delivering value.


To understand who we are, how we work, and what drives us, you need to understand our collective values and how we’re committed to work with each other and with you.

Client intimacy

We understand our clients’ business needs and act with integrity to deliver on our promises. We are accountable for business results.

People centric

We value our people, their health and their professional aspirations. Our people are MPG’s competitive advantage and our most valued product. We value each other’s contributions and recognize that we are critical to building the MPG Brand.


We value successful experiences and strive to teach them to others. We consider this to be our competitive advantage.

Restless curiosity

We are never satisfied with the status quo and will seek to raise the bar with the appropriate sense of urgency.


We work creatively and efficiently to provide robust  solutions to our clients and customers.

Debate candidly, decide cohesively

We value diversity of thought and encourage debate but act as a cohesive group when making decisions.


We are a community of belonging and will advance our culture through appreciating our individuality while celebrating success because we are all in this together.

Our teams build upon these values by enabling exceptional talent ž to thrive in an entrepreneurial culture through operational excellence and never-endingž thought leadership.

Looking for a new opportunity? Join the team, we're hiring!
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