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We're hiring

MPG is looking for individuals who embrace challenge, are collaborative, smart, and never satisfied with the status quo. We take pride in providing outstanding service to CPG clients large and small. We look to the unique talents and backgrounds of all of our associates. We embrace and celebrate the perspectives and experiences all employees bring that help shape and make MPG a remarkable place to work!

We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent, so contact us​ if you think we are a good fit or take a look at our open positions below.

The MPG paternity leave policy is great! I had 6 weeks completely paid to enjoy and spend time with my family during the most important times of my wife and newborn daughters’ life. I was able to not worry about work and focus strictly on my family during this time! Best of all, I did not come back to a load of work as my team helped support me during my leave.

- TJ Sackman, Category Management Analyst SmartSIghts™ team

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