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MPG Path Forward Podcast: What it Takes to Get in the Club Store Basket – and Stay There

Warehouse clubs continue to transform retail, winning market share from supermarkets and supercenters as they win the hearts and minds of more and more members – all thanks to a value proposition that combines bulk value with a “treasure hunt” experience. For national brands and increasingly, DTC brands, the big goal is to get in the Club Store basket.

But what does it really take to get there – and then stay on shelf?

Join Bryan Gildenberg for a robust discussion with two of the country’s leading voices in Club:

MPG EVP Todd Matherly, a former senior merchant and long-time veteran of Walmart and Sam’s Club

MPG Sr. Director Carla Pettigrew, a former Johnson & Johnson Sales Executive with extensive experience driving sales growth and penetration at Costco and the Warehouse Club channel.

Together, they share valuable insights from the buyer and supplier sides, on topics that include:

  • What makes Club more challenging than traditional retail? What is an item merchant looking for?

  • What are the top three things brands need to gain Club distribution? What’s critical to stay on-shelf?

  • What are the most common mistakes suppliers make with Costco and Sam’s Club?

  • How do Costco and Sam’s Club members differ, and how are they targeted differently?

  • How do eCommerce and retail media fit into Costco and Sam’s Club’s overall strategies?

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For more insights on how MPG can help your business win in the Club channel, connect with Todd Matherly at or Carla Pettigrew at


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