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Maximize Your Brand’s Potential this Back-to-School Season: Essential Tips for CPG Brands

Back to School

Ready to ace the back-to-school season? What manufacturer doesn’t look forward to Back-to-School – with its significant opportunities to boost sales, plus the great consumer behavior insights you gain ahead of the crucial holiday season? But this year, hitting Back-to-School targets may be more challenging, with consumers hesitating before opening their wallets, and a slowdown in sales for college-bound students predicted.

No worries – we’ve got you covered. Our team of former retailers, commercial and omnicommerce experts has collaborated to bring you invaluable insights that can position your brand for success during one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year.

1. Start Campaigns Early

Back-to-school marketing campaigns are kicking off earlier than usual. Brands need to launch special promotions well in advance to secure consumer mindshare before competitors. With the traditional back-to-school season now extended in recent years, be ready to catch both the early birds and those consumers who take longer to make purchasing decisions.

2. Enhance Online Shopping Experiences

eCommerce's importance continues to rise, with over a third of back-to-school sales expected to come from online channels in 2024. Brands should prioritize their online presence, optimizing eCommerce platforms and experimenting with shoppable ads on connected TV (CTV). Focus on mobile shopping experiences, including options for in-store pickup and delivery, to meet the needs of busy parents seeking convenience.

3. Capitalize on Amazon Prime Day

Leverage the momentum of July’s Amazon Prime Day, which unofficially marks the start of back-to-school shopping. Have promotional offers and content ready to capitalize on this event.

4. Integrate Physical Store Strategies

Despite the rise of online shopping, physical stores still play a vital role in product discovery and immediate transactions. Ensure a seamless omnichannel experience by bridging online and in-store interactions with mobile phones and retailer apps. Incorporate loyalty program incentives and remove purchase friction both online and in-person.

5. Focus on Value Messaging

With continuing economic concerns and tighter budgets, shoppers are becoming even more selective in their spending. Brands have the opportunity to create precise and targeted value messaging, promotions, and discounts.

6. Personalize Offers

Personalized offers have never been more popular or possible. Rather than focusing solely on immediate sales, strategic manufacturers are looking at customer lifetime value (CLV) and ongoing engagement to cement loyalty. Ensure a deep understanding of available data to fine-tune promotions and reward strategies. At the same time, cull insights that can also inform winter campaigns.

7. Tailor Content to Consumer Mindset

Different product categories drive back-to-school shopping, and each has unique consumer dynamics. Tailor content messaging to highlight product attributes that address specific consumer needs within your category.

The back-to-school season offers numerous opportunities for CPG brands to connect with consumers and drive sales. By starting campaigns early, taking an omnichannel approach with enhanced shopping experiences, and focusing on value messaging and personalized offers, brands can navigate this dynamic season successfully.

For a deeper dive into these strategies, and to discover how we can apply our experience to grow your sales this back-to-school season, reach out to Anthony Eagelton at


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