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WINNING WITH DOLLAR GENERAL: Insights from Former Merchants & Current Suppliers

Time to Get Phygital to Drive Your Brand at Dollar General

Time to stop “anniversarying” your Dollar General plan! On the fast growth track, Dollar General’s rapidly evolving – with digitally-savvy consumers, exciting tech stack and retail media upgrades, and new partnerships like Meta and Instacart. Market Performance Group Omni Commerce Acceleration VP Heather Campaign sat down with Bryan Gildenberg to talk about what it takes to drive omni commerce success at Dollar General -- and why marketers need to “Get Phygital” in their approach to consumer promotions, digital marketing, and P&L management. Building unified experiences is fast becoming table stakes here – those that connect the dots fastest across media, data, supply chains, supply and demand forecasting, and more win!

For more insights on how MPG can help accelerate your omni commerce business in the value channel, reach out to Heather Campain at


Winning at Dollar General with the Right Data Approach & Focus

How can data analytics and a category focus get you the win in the Value Channel? Market Performance Group Category Manager Lynne Stewart shared her insights with Bryan Gildenberg at a recent MPG expert panel event for suppliers on driving omni commerce success at Dollar General – now one of the country’s fastest-growing retailers. Lynne dives into the channel’s unique aspects, including:

  • Analyzing performance through the buyer’s lens

  • Why taking a different view to velocities will give you the true picture

  • The right Dollar General customer segmentation approach

  • Leaning into DGMN data and the rural shopper white space

  • Why a category-building focus is critical in a limited SKU environment

Interested in knowing more about how robust data and category approaches can help drive your business? Reach out to Lynne at


Insights on How to Accelerate Profitable Growth

A vast number of retail doors. A limited SKU environment. A differentiated value proposition. And a unique consumer. Is the juice worth the squeeze for marketers looking to grow with Dollar General? Absolutely! Get the inside track from MPG President and former Dollar General Chief Merchant Jason Reiser on how to accelerate profitable growth in this specialized channel. Jason shares with Bryan Gildenberg his insights on:

  • What you need to know about this customer’s behaviors

  • Strategies to keep pricing right and stay profitable

  • Watchouts, including the biggest mistake brands make

For a conversation on what you can do to accelerate your business in the Value channel, drop a note below or reach out to Jason at


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