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CES 2024: Our Take on the Top Trends & Innovations

Just back from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, where our MPG team was excited to view the latest cutting-edge innovations.

For consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers, CES 2024 offered an exciting glimpse into the future of how technology will continue to enhance the customer experience and create new opportunities in today’s connected commerce world. Across the board, AI dominated as it appeared in almost every product and service – from retail technologies to smart home devices, to automotive advances and health care solutions.

Walmart showcased how technologies like AI, GenAI, and AR will serve as a “customer’s concierge,” reimagining Walmart’s role as a shopping destination:

  • A new GenAI-powered search experience now available to iOS customers. The enhanced search experience allows customers to search by specific use cases, generating relevant, cross-category results The search example Walmart provided: “A football watch party versus individual searches for chips, wings, drinks, and a 90-inch TV.”

  • Walmart InHome Replenishment, which uses AI and Walmart’s replenishment expertise to ensure customers’ online shopping carts are filled with the right items at the right time and delivered into a home refrigerator

  • Shop with Friends, a beta social commerce platform enabling customers to share virtual outfits they create and get feedback from others.


Sam’s Club unveiled a new technology that uses a first-of-its-kind AI and computer vision technology for receipt verification as members exit their club.


Amazon’s major presence beyond their connected devices (home, auto, music, etc.) was championed by Amazon Ad Opportunities. 

Key takeaways include:

  • New partnerships with Meta and TikTok showcased Amazon’s continued integration into major social platforms increasing the connection between seeing and buying products.

  • The new ad-supported Prime Video launch provides brands a CPM-based mechanism to reach 115M Prime shoppers in a limited (for now) number of ads per show.  We expect brands to test and leverage Amazon’s first-party data to target the right shoppers in market for their products!

  • The loss of 3P cookies on Google Chrome likely means that brands will continue to flow to Amazon Ads (paid and programmatic in ’24).

  • Finally our favorite new offering is an extension of Amazon Live which is now just in beta – extending the live shopping experience (think QVC) with its own channel on Prime Video and allowing brands to repurpose content for product pages and ads.  We love testing new offerings before recommending them to our brand partners and expect to do this in Q1.


L’Oréal showcased an AI-powered, connected personalized lipstick device with augmented reality capabilities -- Rouge Sur Mesure by Yves Saint Laurent Beaute  --  to virtually try on and recommend lipstick shades from a selection of 4,000 shade options with a touch of a button and within seconds.


Verge Motorcycle received a lot of attention for its TS Ultra electric motorcycles, touted as the world’s first motorcycle equipped with the sense of sight to advise the rider.


Smart Home Motion Pillow captured a CES innovation award this year. It uses AI to reduce snoring that it detects by inflating airbags to lift the head and open airways. The motion pillow not only intelligently detects snoring sounds but also accurately measures oxygen saturation levels for improved user experience.


Volkswagen is integrating ChatGPT into its ID 7 line of EVs and gas-powered Golf, Passat, and Tiguan, allowing drivers to have a more conversational interface with their cars.



SEERGRILLS® Perfecta grill will feature AI. As you grill meats vertically in the Perfecta, the AI will learn and improve cooking over time.


LG highlighted its transparent 77-inch OLED TV—which easily converts from a regular TV to a transparent wall of glass, while Samsung wowed with its hologram-like, MicroLED display – very cool but at $150,000, likely not ready for mass rollout.

Interested in learning more about the latest innovation trends and their impact on your business?

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