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Prominent children's cold care company increases reach and conversion through Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)


Our client was looking to understand the full New-to-Brand (NTB) Customer Acquisition Journey for each ASIN and Campaign Type. MPG leveraged AMC data to obtain NTB metrics for Sponsored Products (SP) which enabled the team to see the full shopper profile to effectively target and acquire new consumers.

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The approach proved reach and conversions increased versus Sponsored Product ads alone.


Demand-side platform (DSP)

drove 67% of all user reach

for brand category vs. 26% of Sponsored Product ads

68% of all NTB conversions were driven by both

a DSP & Sponsored Product purchase journey vs. 21% for Sponsored Products alone

Shoppers who were exposed to both a DSP/SP ads had the

highest conversion rate of 6.07%

vs. 0.64% Sponsored
Products alone

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