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Fractional Hiring: A game-changer in today’s tight labor market

Hiring freezes.

Fluctuating business needs.

Struggles to fill critical talent gaps.

While the employee “quit rate” has fallen to pre-pandemic levels, there are still 10 million+ job openings in the U.S., and the time needed to get the right candidate has now stretched to an average of 11 weeks. Finding the right skillsets in today’s dynamic environment is especially challenging, and traditional recruitment strategies are no longer cutting it, say over a third of HR leaders.

That’s why many companies are embracing “fractional hiring” – part-time, seasoned professionals who are becoming a game-changer in today’s tight labor market. In fact, temporary business management roles have jumped close to 20% over the past two years, says the most recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

Highly cost-effective, fractional hiring and other interim talent strategies provide the flexibility to ramp up or down as needed.

Through our vast MPG FleXforce® network, we support both large and small companies with customized interim talent strategies. MPG FleXforce provides plug-and-play marketing or management support to bridge the gaps – whether for an interim project, a peak in work volume, family leave situations, a fractional CMO role, or during the process to find the right permanent candidate.

What makes us different?

Our vast network of interim talent with at least 15 years of relevant experience. And our own deep, front-line operational experience -- so critical in identifying the right professional to jump into a specific role, seamlessly, to support business needs.

When does it make sense to turn to interim professionals?


  • To satisfy pressing business needs during a lengthy hiring process or employee leave situation

  • If there is a hold on headcount that has staff scrambling to deliver

  • To fill an interim leadership or manager role until the right permanent candidate is found

  • To quickly add new digital or other specialized skills to match evolving technological advances or marketplace changes

  • If there is the need for the expertise of a CMO or another senior professional without the cost of a permanent hire – especially beneficial to a startup business.

Notes FleXforce Founder Lisa Kent, “There are always market conditions that make FleXforce right for a business but especially now, in 2023, the marketplace needs very strong, qualified and flexible talent. We can help grow and run a business while people are out on leave. We can fill an interim leadership or manager role until the right permanent candidate is found, or manage a peak workload without adding headcount. We’ve provided the expertise needed to help start-ups punch above their weight. Across the board, our marketers, market research and analytics professionals, eCommerce and digital managers, finance, sales strategy and supply chain professionals are well-trained and can onboard rapidly, so opportunities aren’t missed.”

To learn more about how fractional hiring can help fill talent gaps, contact Lisa at


MPG FleXforce in Action

MPG FleXforce experience recently came into play for an innovative protein company. Drawing from our vast network, we quickly jumped in to fill the gaps at a critical time, providing experienced management and marketers who took the company from product concepts to a comprehensive go-to-market plan – a plan that is now seeing successful implementation in the marketplace.



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