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MPG Path Forward Podcast: Retail Media – From Promise to Practice

Retail Media Networks (RMNs) are receiving enormous attention and energy right now, as literally hundreds of retail and retail-related ecosystems look to monetize their value as advertising platforms. The speed of investment and start-up of so many RMNs have caught many CPGs off balance. While this breathless enthusiasm is yielding great opportunities, there is also confusion and frustration among the brands and agencies trying to leverage these platforms for success. Watch our discussion about the strategic PATH FORWARD, from promise to practice, for brand success in a retail media network world. Retail media legend Andy Murray of BigQuest joins MPG Omnichannel Strategy leader Larissa Dannenberg and Confluencer Commerce CEO Bryan Gildenberg for a robust discussion; hear their thoughts on how retailers will further develop their capabilities and how brands can best turn retail media initiatives into real and sustainable success.

Learn More About Retail Media Networks

In this podcast, Bryan, Andy and Larissa discuss:

  • What is the promise of retail media today? The opportunities? The watchouts?

  • What role should retail media play in terms of awareness and/or conversion? Where does it come in on the purchase journey?

  • How can brands more effectively use retail media to optimize the shopper experience and drive better performance?

  • How should brands approach the largely untapped in-store retail media opportunity to create a frictionless shopping experience?

  • Without standardization, how do we know which metrics to use to know if our RMN investment is working?

As a leading end-to-end, strategy & services omnichannel commerce agency, MPG is passionate about sharing best practices and charting the best PATH FORWARD for brands in the fast-changing omnichannel environment.


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