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MPG Path Forward Podcast: Counting What Counts in Retail Media

With 600+ Retail Media Networks today, each operating in a walled garden, many brands are finding it touch to determine where to put their money for best ROI. How can you evaluate performance across RMN partners? Which KPIs are most meaningful? What should we use to connect the dots between ad exposure and sales? Join IAB‘s Jeff Bustos, Andy Murray of BigQuest, MPG Omnicommerce Acceleration Lead Heather Campain, and Confluencer Commerce CEO Bryan Gildenberg as they share the latest thinking on what really counts today in retail media.

Among the topics they’ll discuss:

  • Are we getting closer to a standardized approach?

  • How can we best evaluate performance across #RMN partners?

  • What should we be using to connect the dots between #ad exposure and #sales?

  • What should be the role of ROAS?

  • How does incrementality help differentiate the effectiveness of an RMN?

  • What’s needed from #brands, networks, agencies and adtech to better manage this complex ecosystem?

As a leading end-to-end, strategy & services omnichannel commerce agency, MPG is passionate about sharing best practices and charting the best PATH FORWARD for brands in the fast-changing omnichannel environment.


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