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Prime Day Prep: Unlocking Success on Amazon's Biggest Sale Day

Just three months away from Amazon’s expected rerun of its biggest sales event –is your brand ready?

With Amazon Prime Day's record-smashing sales last July, it's clear why this event is circled in red by both shoppers and sellers worldwide. To come out on top, preparation is key. These essential tips from our Market Performance Group eCommerce team can help you ensure your brand stands out, for your biggest win yet.

Optimize Inventory

Optimizing inventory is critical to capitalizing on the increased demand generated by Prime Day. The golden rule? The importance of getting your stock to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) at least a month in advance of Amazon deadlines cannot be overstated. This ensures Amazon can process your items in time, allowing you to focus on driving sales without inventory concerns hanging over your head.

Strategic Pricing and Deals

With an influx of Prime Day shoppers hunting for bargains, how do you make sure they choose you? The answer lies in competitive pricing and unbeatable deals – deals that also maintain your profitability. Lock in your prices and deals at least 30 days ahead. Remember, a standout offer on Prime Day is not just about discounts; it's about delivering value.

Amplifying Media Strategy

A targeted approach to PPC & DSP during Prime Day can amplify your brand’s visibility. A nuanced approach to ad budgets – focused on bestsellers and critical keywords – will bring the best return. Key tips for media success include:

  • Capitalize on Pre-Prime Day Hype: Start your campaigns early, at least two weeks before Prime Day, to take advantage of increased traffic. Also, use this period to refine your strategies as needed for the main event.

  • Bid Strategically: Competitive bidding is vital for improving search result visibility. Tactical bid adjustments can make a big difference in your Prime Day performance.

  • Adjust Budgets for Peak Traffic: Anticipate the spike in click-through and impression rates by incrementally increasing your ad budget to keep campaigns competitive throughout the Prime Day event.

  • Support deals with ad spend: Lead up and lead out (capture new customers during lead up, capture repeat customers)

Maximize Conversion with Lightning Deals

Although the deadline for submitting Prime Day Deals has passed, those with a Retail Vendor Central (1P) account can still submit deals for acceptance by working directly with your vendor manager. Of note: Lightning Deals should be significant, reflecting a minimum discount of 20% to ensure they capture the consumer’s interest and stand out in the Prime Day crowd.

Amazon Prime Day is so much more than a promotional event. By preparing meticulously and strategically—from inventory and pricing to ads and deals—your brand can drive significant, profitable growth. Need help to bring your Amazon strategy to the next level?

Reach out to @Rachel Tetreault, Rachel.tetreault@mpgllc.comfor a conversation


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