An emerging snack company introduced a new brand of snacks nationwide, but had not secured distribution at Walmart. They had placed the new snack brand in several specialty food stores and regional food supermarkets, but had not grown the brand's sales revenue to the critical mass that Walmart typically requires for placement in their Supercenters.

MPG’s Sales Services team guided the company using our ‘4 E’s Strategic Selling Process’:

  • Experience: MPG worked with the client to evaluate how the shopper would engage with their brand within Walmart Supercenters, focusing on variables such as Packaging, Department Positioning, and On-Shelf Merchandising. The key was performing a ‘Retail Assessment’ for the company’s brand that led to determination of the ‘right department’ in which to place the company’s brand where it could compete successfully and meet Walmart’s aggressive ‘units/store/week hurdle rates’ for remaining in distribution at Walmart Supercenters.

  • Engagement: MPG developed an effective promotional strategy that aligned with the company’s trade fund architecture and delivered an acceptable ROI and drove incremental sales revenue gains.

  • Everywhere: MPG developed a strategic ‘Omni-Channel’ sales plan that positioned the company’s brand at multiple points of shopper engagement, both in Walmart Stores, and on

  • Value Equation: MPG developed a ‘Value Equation’ that supported the Walmart buyers' margin and retail expectations, while remaining aligned to the company’s relationships / agreements with competing retailers and delivering on the company’s expectations for profit.

MPG leveraged our existing relationships with key decision makers at Walmart Stores, as well as our knowledge of Walmart’s ‘Modular Relay Process / Cycle’ to secure ‘the right audience’ for the company, in the ‘right department’, within the ‘right timing’.

The results:

  • MPG’s Sales Services team successfully guided the company through all aspects of Walmart Vendor Agreement setup and negotiations, Walmart’s new Terms negotiations, and Walmart’s GRS Supply Chain and CPFR Forecasting requirements. MPG also successfully navigated the company’s brand through Walmart’s transformational change in merchandising strategy for the department.

  • Continuing as an MPG SRS client, two years after original placement in Walmart Supercenters, the company continues to realize +$4,000,000 in profitable sales, with four varieties of the brand in distribution with Walmart Supercenters.