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MPG offers a complete suite of order-to-cash services to our manufacturer partners, providing valuable expertise, a scalable infrastructure, and existing vendor numbers with over 70 retail (FDM) customers shipping to over 400 locations. 

Established Order to Cash process including:

Order and Back Office Financial Services

  • EDI transmission with retailers

  • Order processing

  • Best in class distribution to pick, pack, ship for on time delivery at benchmark costs

  • Invoicing, cash receipt, and client remittance

  • Deduction management

  • Reporting


  • Vendor Central service

  • Seller Central service for clients who have their own account

Trade spend management tracking tools


Full Warehousing / Pick, Pack & Ship capability, including:

  • Specialize in distribution / transportation to US retailers

  • Warehouse campus with 3.5M sq ft of space

  • Owned trucking fleet and also collaborate with other best in class transport providers

  • Ship to all major retailers

  • Multi-client POs on same truck to optimize freight costs servicing Walmart, Meijer, Kroger and others

  • Dedicated team working with retailers to ensure on time delivery, minimizing freight penalties

  • Compliant with US CGMP regulations

  • Assemble promotional / display packaging post manufacturing

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