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MPG Recovers $13.1MM+ in 1P Amazon Deductions; FREE AUDIT OFFERED

We all know that selling on is a lynchpin in building a successful eCommerce strategy. Yet, with Amazon shipping approximately 1.6 million packages a day, billing errors come with the territory. Lost or damaged inventory, including those from inbound shipping, issues related to customer returns, weight overcharges and other erroneous fees can add up quickly and hurt profits.


Unfortunately, most people and accounting software are not equipped to handle overbilling and deductions on thousands of complex transactions. On top of that, the recovery process can be complicated, requiring careful adherence to Amazon’s dispute process and deadlines in order to achieve a favorable outcome.


Our MPG Amazon Managed Services group is helping many CPG clients identify and overcome these issues -- with a high percentage recovery rate. In fact, we have successfully recovered over $13 million in overbillings and shortages for 1P Amazon clients since August 2022 alone. Our track record is strong: Successes range from $139,000 recovery in one month for a small CPG company to $4.5 million in three months for a large company.


Now, MPG is offering all of our 1P Amazon clients a free audit to identify overbillings and shortages. Through our deep Amazon experience and proprietary, advanced accounting, automation and reconciliation platform for Amazon vendors globally, we can identify, track and resolve costly overbillings and shortages -- without your team’s involvement.


Interested in a free MPG audit with no strings attached?

Reach out to Anthony Eagelton, MPG Vice President


or call: 908.461.3897

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