A company creates a new segment with breakthrough product innovation that allows retailers to capture significant incremental growth by reaching new consumers.

A nimble company that enjoys strong market position in a number of categories that are primarily in the OTC space had an opportunity to launch a new innovation that not only created a new segment in OTC, but also had the ability to bridge to beauty. The company did not have any internal experience in this area and turned to MPG to help them with a robust launch strategy and go-to-market plan that optimized Sales and Share.

The project kicked off with an immersion meeting with MPG and the client team, the focus of which was to provide MPG with a thorough understanding of the company and the new innovation, ground the client in the performance and unique dynamics of this new market, and develop a list of critical success factors based on other “like” innovations that successfully created a new consumer usage platform.

As part of the process, MPG:

  • Assembled a core team of key stakeholders within the organization to ensure the voice of the customer was fully integrated in all key elements of the launch strategy and go-to-market plan, which included:

    • Marketing communication strategy

    • Asset development for retailers

    • A robust 4-P 4-E omni-channel execution plan that focused on in-store and online, with fully integrated messaging

  • Designed a MAP policy

  • Led the display process - from design to budgeting and implementation

  • Created retailer-specific category creation selling story / presentations

    • Trained sales team on the launch strategy and selling story to ensure they were fully prepared to introduce the innovation to their customers

    • Participated “live” in some key customer meetings to ensure there was a bridge to all executional elements within retailer structure from beauty to e-commerce to logistics and marketing

  • Conducted a Retailer Advisory (leveraged MPG seasoned advisors from the retail industry who provide objective assessment and experienced insights into key retailers and strategies) mid-point to pressure test the strategy and selling story before fully detailing the plan

The team has successfully received approvals for an A launch spend scenario, and continues to work closely with retail partners to ensure readiness for the actual launch date. MPG is an integrated member of the team, with clear responsibilities and workstreams associated with this initiative, which will ultimately lead to excellence in execution.