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MPG is your one-stop-shop eCommerce & Omnichannel provider

MPG is an Amazon Verified Partner

Together we can help clients win in eCommerce by capturing and delighting consumers wherever they shop.

Ask us about:

Our full-service approach and how we can serve as an extension of your team

Running platform marketing across a large and expanding list of retail partners

A FREE Cost Audit to identify, track and help resolve costly overbillings and shortages – without your team’s involvement

And other ways we can help accelerate profitable growth on Amazon

Email Anthony Eagelton directly or complete the following form and someone will contact you to see if a partnership with MPG is right for your business.


Amazon & Retailer Omnichannel execution

  • The MPG team has significant experience across the eCommerce channel

  • Deep understanding of Amazon and 1P/3P management across categories

  • Full account management with catalog, analytics and sales execution

Digital media & platform
PPC marketing

  • Full funnel media approach

  • Search, DSP strategy and on/off platform execution

  • Performance marketing tracking and reporting

  • Omnichannel digital shopper marketing amplification

Digital shelf & content optimization

  • SEO optimized content development

  • Content auditing

  • Content development (images, videos, rich media, banner ad creative)

  • Ratings and Reviews

  • Product seeding

eCommerce strategic consulting

  • Full eCommerce GTM strategy plan

  • Digital media strategy

  • Market and pricing dynamics

  • Forecasting and inventory planning

  • Brand protection

  • Capability and organization development

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