Sales and Marketing Consultant

The Consultant role is built on the foundation of the Consultant responsibilities of delivering upon client deliverables, managing the client team with proper direction and communication, utilizing MPG resources effectively and communicating status updates.  In addition, this role will assume client and resource management responsibilities at an elevated level for select clients and/or projects. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver Outstanding Work That Exceeds Client Expectations

    • Responsible for managing a client engagement from start to finish, taking a lead role as defined by engagement in defining the project approach, deliverables, and timetable, and working with the analytical team, industry experts, Client Lead and Managing Partners as needed to deliver final recommendations.

    • Provide critical thinking to guide the project team toward developing the client solution.

    • Responsible for engaging the client at key points in the project to continue progressing the work and establishing a client relationship.

    • Point person for each project with the ability to articulate the client issues, develop an analytical plan, create the relevant strategic insights, summarize the learning’s and implications and write the client presentation.

    • This role will also be expected to carry the bulk of the analysis and writing for some projects, while managing several assignments concurrently.

    • Successfully deliver project results and commitments that meet and exceed client expectations.


  • Ensure Successful Delivery of Projects Through Robust Planning

    • Employ project management tools and skills to establish clear objectives, schedule of deliverables, actions, and timelines

    • Manage the resource allocation plan

    • Develop internal and external scorecard and metrics

    • Managing client teamwork flow, processes, team communication on a regular basis

    • Provide thought leadership and guidance to the project team

    • Work with Client Lead to identify barriers or obstacles to success and work to overcome them proactively.

    • Optimize Communication

    • Establish an ongoing communication mechanism to share project status, results and insights throughout the broader MPG team (conference calls, meetings)

    • Engage immediate project team to deliver upon client deliverables and status updates

    • Provides consistent updates to Client Lead and project team

    • Identify opportunities and challenges early on

    • Enroll leadership assistance when necessary

    • Communicate with the Client along key milestones in the project plan to gain alignment and necessary feedback.


  • Create Client Deliverables

    • Responsible for analyzing data, gathering insights and translating that into a client solution through robust storytelling.

    • Responsible for creating the client ready PowerPoint presentation either independently or through team members for more complex projects.

    • Leverage MPG resources and advisors to provide input into the client presentation to enhance the overall deliverable.

    • Strong focus on quality assurance and accuracy of data and information which includes enrolling the Client Lead prior to delivery

    • Ensure quality of the final deliverable before presented to the client.

    • Deliver final presentation to the client and run point on necessary follow ups


  • Assume Client Leadership Responsibilities on Select Clients

    • Manage the client relationship by understanding current engagements intimately, building strong relationships with key client stakeholders and identifying and securing revenue continuation opportunities.

    • Oversee all existing contracts to ensure that the project team is delivering against client expectations in a profitable manner.

    • Allocate resources against client and customer initiatives and utilizes them according to the budget to ensure profitability.

    • Outline project resources and budget from proposal through management of the project to ensure desired profitability.

    • Manage project resources effectively by providing guidance and strategic influence on the deliverable and utilizing talent according to their role on the project

    • Ensure that client deliverables are of the highest quality through a robust review process and making necessary adjustments to the resource plan as necessary to mitigate risk.


  • Generate New Business Development Opportunities

    • Build strong relationships with key client stakeholders

    • Identify revenue continuation opportunities within client base

    • Provide perspective on proposals to ensure that they meet the client’s needs, concerns and objectives.

    • Handle objections by clarifying, emphasizing agreements and working through differences to a positive conclusion.

    • Outline necessary resources to ensure project success.

    • Participate in pricing the solution/service.



  • Required Skills and Capabilities

    • Ability to think critically about the client solution

    • Ability to engage the client at multiple levels

    • Ability to be assertive and influence (without authority) with both clients and internal MPG resources

    • Ability to provide clear and consistent direction to the project team

    • Ability to manage a great deal of complexity within a project and across multiple projects

    • Effective and efficient project management skills with the ability to prioritize, multi-task, and keep projects moving

    • Strong communication skills that will allow for success in a virtual team environment

    • Proactive problem solving skills

    • Strong presentation skills

    • Ability to listen, understand, and resolve competing priorities

    • Ability to manage successfully in the matrix environment, able to build positive working interfaces across dotted line reporting relationships

    • Ability to work in a disruptive environment where priorities change rapidly, and tight deadlines exist

    • Robust knowledge of consumer products industry and category, brand, and retail strategies

    • Strong knowledge of key accounts (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart), with a foundational understanding of their operating practices and strategic priorities

    • Ability to utilize technology and data to manage projects

    • Potential to assume more responsibility in a Client Lead role around specific clients over time.


  • Experience and Education

    • 15+ years in consumer products sales, marketing, and/or consulting

    • Demonstrated leadership positions

    • Digital and Ecommerce experience preferred

    • Previous consulting experience preferred

    • 4-year college degree required


Key Performance Indicators

  • Feedback from Client and Client Lead

  • Managing Partner feedback

  • Client Project Survey Results

  • Established communication mechanism in place


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