A growth-driven company charts a new path forward within the dynamic and rapidly evolving health care environment, leveraging its foundational strengths while capitalizing on key marketplace trends.

A relatively new player in health care opportunistically assembled a portfolio of brands and sought to develop a more proactive growth vision to strengthen its position within this highly competitive marketplace. Given its small size compared to mega-competitors, the company had to carefully “thread the needle” with a new strategy that was competitively advantaged as well as synergistically aligned to its assets and capabilities.

MPG was engaged by the company over the past four years to develop and implement two long-range strategic plans for growth. For each of the engagements, MPG:

  • Conducted an objective, fact-based internal and external assessment of the company assets as well as the marketplace dynamics

  • Identified critical insights about significant future trends and changes in the competitive and consumer landscape that create unique opportunity for the company

  • Challenged thinking by leveraging the experiences and expertise of a breadth of MPG Senior Industry Advisors and Subject Matter Experts

  • Delivered specific recommendations to the company’s Board of Directors that defined a new strategic direction and identified new opportunities to transform the company into a key player in OTCs

  • Supported the team in developing go-to-market plans for the priority growth platforms, including due diligence for acquisitions, joint ventures, and organic growth plans

The company has successfully implemented the first set of recommendations, leading to significant growth in sales and stock price, and has further engaged MPG to help drive the newest recommendations that are anticipated to fundamentally change the company’s competitive positioning and accelerate continued growth.