I find MPG to provide outstanding consulting / advice developing future capabilities for our organization. They are truly seasoned experts in the field of consumer products. They are very insightful with their due diligence, understand manufacturers’ challenges, and provide tailored recommendations – not just cookie cutter strategic thoughts or tactics – and work with us side by side until the results are delivered. Simply put, they are a true partner! Additionally, their staff is very professional and so invested in our success that often it is difficult to assess if their employees work for our Company or MPG!

Bob Wiltz
Chief Customer Officer, Paris Presents Incorporated

MPG has helped us dramatically by improving our execution at Walmart. Their intimate understanding of Walmart’s supplier expectations and in-depth analytics have led to exceptional results. They have helped us to resolve a number of issues, and our store in-stock levels are now 97%+ across the board!

Tim Sheehan
Director Drug / Drug Wholesale Business Units, Omron Healthcare, OHI

Our partnership with MPG has been integral to the rapid growth of our business at Walmart over the past three years. The resources and insights they provide allow a smaller company like ours to “punch above our weight” with our largest, most important customer. Sundial and MPG act as one team.

Will Malatesta
Senior Director of Sales, Sundial Brands

MPG has been a strategic partner to AmerisourceBergen for more than 10 years. In addition to providing category management, planogramming, and pricing services for our more than 30 categories, MPG has helped us to strengthen, deepen, and grow our relationships with our independent retail customers by helping us transform our front end program so they can be more competitive and financially successful in today’s complex healthcare environment. The MPG team brings me thoughtful and strategic insights and solutions that have helped me grow my business profitably. They are truly a valuable and integral of my team.

Timothy Busky
Current Chief Commercial Officer for Intuity Medical, former VP Consumer Products, AmerisourceBergen

MPG manages HARIBO replenishment and third party retail coverage relationship, and also supports our sales force with category management and analytics. When we first started with MPG, they did a Walmart line review and prepped us for the meeting— after the line review we increased in traited store count. Our current in stock is over 99%. We’ve achieved growth in the last year and we could not have done it without MPG. They are a trusted partner, offering expertise, experience, established relationships, and the type of collaborative approach that enables us to build in-house capabilities.

Rick LaBerge
Chief Operating Officer, HARIBO of America, Inc.

At MPG, we highly value the trust our clients place in us to help them create unique value and sustainably deliver that value to customers in a way that provides competitive advantage. For that reason, we don’t share our full client roster or identifiable details of the work. However, all of our clients will be happy to speak on our behalf. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch to set up a phone call or in-person visit. We’d love to talk with you to get a better understanding of the challenges you are facing and how we can put our experience and expertise to work for you.