Making sure a large Consumer Packaged Goods Sales Organization is resourced, organized, and structured to properly deliver upon future growth expectations

Sales Organization redesign creates an organization resourced in a way that enables the team to achieve their vision and business objectives and meet customer expectations and requirements to deliver growth faster than the market.

A leading consumer packaged goods manufacturer that had recently gone through a significant integration recognized the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of their current Sales Organization. They wanted to understand the expectations of their customers and internal stakeholders against current performance. In addition, the Sales Organization needed to chart their path forward based on the company’s strategic priorities. With this understanding in mind, an organizational structure needed to be built to enable success complete with clarity around roles, responsibilities, and success metrics.

MPG was engaged for a period of 10 months and played a critical role across all aspects of this project. Specifically, MPG:

  • Developed a robust critical assessment using inputs from a cost-to-sales analysis, and customer feedback from a broad network of retailers and internal stakeholders
  • Identified areas where the Sales Organization met or did not meet customer expectations and what was important to priority customers
  • Worked with the Sales Leadership Team to create a Sales Vision, Strategic Imperatives, and Key Enablers that would help set priorities for the organization
  • Created a set of design principles that would inform the design of the new organization
  • Developed a set of organization charts that reflected ten specific teams and accounted for over 300 Sales colleagues
  • Wrote complete job descriptions for eighteen newly created roles complete with job requirements, experience, qualifications, and metrics
  • Developed current vs. future state analysis to quantify the changes made to the existing organization structure
  • Established a standardized selection process in order to overlay talent into the newly created organization structure
  • Created a robust implementation plan consisting of the action plan, roles and responsibilities, risk assessment, communication plan, and scorecard development

As a result of our work, the client was able to go to market with a clear vision and set of strategies supported by a Sales organization that was resourced in a way that would effectively and efficiently meet customer expectations and deliver growth faster than the market.

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