Consulting MPG Advisory Council

Objective Assessment · Experienced Insights · Best-Practice Benchmarking · Diversity of Opinions · Out-of-the-Box Thinking · Confidential Counsel

Bring an External Perspective, Best-Practice Learnings, and Rigorous Debate to Critical Challenges

Imagine having the collective expertise and experience of some of the industry’s most senior executives at your disposal. MPG Market Advisory Councils provide real-time, objective input to your most pressing challenges.

MPG Advisors are senior retail, sales, and marketing executives with 20-40 years of proven industry experience, multichannel knowledge, cross-category insights, and deep understanding of global market best practices. An MPG Advisory will help you to challenge assumptions, accelerate decision making, avoid mistakes, benchmark your goals, optimize your strategies, and pressure test your plans. All in a confidential forum that allows you to vet your thinking before you take it to a more public audience.

Your customized Advisory will include Advisors selected for maximum strategic interaction based on the issue to be addressed, with carefully structured discussion guided toward actionable outcomes.  

Just a sampling of topics for which MPG has facilitated Advisories:

  • Portfolio optimization
  • Pricing strategies
  • Competitive defense strategy
  • Rx-to-OTC switch
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Innovation / new product strategy
  • Private label strategy
  • Trade investment strategy
  • Post-acquisition integration
  • Revenue acceleration
  • Customer management strategy